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Hi, I’m Stacey McDonald.

Is An Advocate For Mental & Spiritual Health

Join the Movement

Stacey McDonald is working in the community to help increase awareness of matters concerning mental health and improve mental health outcomes one positive message at a time. Our mission is to blot out the stigma of mental illness and reveal the love of God toward those impacted by it. Through conferences, walks and various Gospel of Mental Health events, her goal is to educate, encourage and inspire building strong communities all around the world to strengthen generations to come. As overcomers and those who are overcoming, let’s link arms and build healthy families and communities as we keep conversations about mental health alive. Join us and let’s continue the process of healing and restoration that will reveal a story of victory for our children and our children’s children to grow from.

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Social Partner

Partner with us by sharing your story! We all have one and for many of us, that story includes a personal struggle with mental illness or being a support to a loved one living with mental illness. It is imperative to share your story to keep conversation alive concerning mental health. Yes, mental health struggles are real, but so is our God. Partner with us by sharing the struggle, but also the tools, strategies and faith gained through the Gospel of Mental Health that have helped along your journey.  

Giving Partner (Volunteer & Support)

You can also partner with us by making your support for mental health awareness visible. Proudly wear your Gospel of Mental Health clothing and jewelry to organically spark conversations about mental health and hope. Allow the Gospel of Mental Health clothing to do the work of making ministry moments while also making you look and feel good.  Another way you can partner to support this movement is through volunteering to be involved in our conferences, walks and various Gospel of Mental Health ministry events. Also consider giving financially to raise funds for events to educate and raise awareness concerning mental health.

I'd Love to Hear From You. Here's How You Can Reach Me

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