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The Gospel of Mental Health: From Mental Hell to Mental Wellness



From sleepless nights to anxiety filled days, from the pain of hurt to the shame of mistakes—the heart must heal. The mind must find peace.


Finding peace and inner healing may seem like a daunting task—one that only God can accomplish. In truth, God can, but believers must partner with him to achieve mental health and stability.


Stacey McDonald’s The Gospel of Mental Health challenges Christians to take an honest look at their mental health. Her approach meets readers where they are, relating to their struggles, bringing hope, and supporting their healing. Believers will learn how to move beyond the shame of their mental health battles by walking toward a loving and compassionate God who cares about the mind, heart, and soul of his creation. 


From the mental battles of Jacob, King David, and Samson to the realities of life as a New Testament apostle, The Gospel of Mental Health demonstrates biblical strategies for coping and finding peace in the hills and valleys of one’s mental health journey. Each chapter contains “journal jewels” and guided prayers so that readers can dig deeper, set attainable goals, and practice the skills they’ve learned.

The Gospel of Mental Health is a masterful guide of mental health strategies that, when paired with personal and scriptural testimonies, brings believers to a place of true peace and hope.



The Gospel of Mental Health by Stacey McDonald is a refreshing word for the church as well as for postmodern culture. Her research and reflections eradicate the erroneous myths that irrevocable barriers exist between spirituality and mental health. This literary work takes a systematic approach to identifying various paradigms and praxis of spirituality and mental health. Furthermore, the author identifies the synergy of how they work together toward achieving wellness in individual human beings and in their relationships. This is a must read for anyone who wants to acquire wellness and maintain balance in their lives.


—Bishop Jonathan McReynolds, D.Min



Stacey McDonald’s The Gospel of Mental Health does a masterful job tackling a subject too often ignored in the church—namely, mental illness. Stacey’s ability to blend theology with psychology challenges readers to confront their unconscious bias toward the mentally ill and their perspective of the traditional “strong saved Christian.” Her raw honesty about her life levels the playing field between the healthy and those struggling to be whole and provides a fresh approach to a subject that often creates shame and a sense of condemnation. This is a book that every Christian, leader, pastor, and counselor should read.

—The Reverend Niki Brown, speaker, life coach, author, and host of IGNITE Women’s Empowerment Summit




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