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Happy Mother's Day

I've never been to outer space, but I’ve been a mother. As a mother, I’ve explored the unknown hearts and minds of children so different from one another that they could’ve come from different planets.

I’ve never rescued a lamb from a lion, but I’ve been a mother. I’ve fought injustice in school systems and America’s systems to rescue my lambs from prowling lions masked in making America great.

I’ve not unlocked the secret to the fountain of youth, but I’ve been a mother. I’ve unlocked secrets through counseling and prayer to admonish, rebuke and console.

I’ve not swam across the oceans, but I’ve been a mother. I’ve swam the depths of infancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood sometimes tired, sometimes confused and at all times by love.

I’ve never been president, but I’ve been a mother. I’ve presided over precious little people without any other illustrious title than that of “Mom.”

To all mom’s, I pray you celebrate your adventures, good and not so good, successful and not so successful; knowing that through it all… you have been a mother.

With Love,

Stacey McDonald


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