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The Gospel of Mental Health is a masterful guide of mental health strategies that, when paired with personal and scriptural testimonies, brings believers to a place of true peace and hope. 

Stacey McDonald’s The Gospel of Mental Health challenges Christians to take an honest look at their mental health. Her approach is designed to meet readers where they are, by relating to their struggles, bringing hope, and supporting their healing. From the mental battles of Jacob, King David, and Samson to the realities Christians face today, The Gospel of Mental Health demonstrates biblical strategies for coping and finding peace in the hills and valleys of one’s mental health journey. 

Each chapter contains “journal jewels” and guided prayers so that readers can dig deeper, set attainable goals, and practice the skills they’ve learned. While practicing mental health strategies to incorporate into daily life, unearthing and working through intimate issues and exploring the boundless love of God through it all, the reader's mental and spiritual health will be positively impacted. Within each page, believers will learn how to move beyond the shame of their mental health battles by walking toward a loving and compassionate God—one who cares about the mind, heart, and soul of his creation.

The Gospel of Mental Health: From Mental Hell to Mental Wellness (Paperback)

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